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Journeys in Latent Space

This year we’re seeing the field of synthetic media shift from the academic and theoretical to a surge of change in all areas of content creation: design, photography, writing, art, music.

New algorithms are capable of producing images, text, video and sound of surprising quality. It used to be that you’d need a team of Hollywood professionals to produce such content, but today anyone can do it from home, without special expertise and at endless scale.

Whenever creating something new: an important email, an interesting painting, an image for your social media post, you are faced with a moment of horror. The blank page. How would I know how to fill this page? This problem is about to be replaced with a whole new problem, one which is no less difficult. Now you’ll be facing a huge haystack of possibilities, you’ll have to find your own special needle in it.

How does it all work? How can machines be creative? And where does all this take us?

How to succeed in the new world

We’re information rich but attention poor. How does the abundance of information affect the way we process new ideas? And how do corporates and politicians are taking advantage of this?

We’ll go over the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning together and try to understand how they change our daily lives.
We’ll discuss how we can understand and prepare for all the changes. What to know, what to enjoy, what to watch out for?

AI for Designers Workshop

A beginner’s, no-code, hands-on workshop on popular machine learning algorithms. Geared towards design teams, we’ll take a 1-2 day journey through machine vision, latent spaces and neural networks.

An intuitive, no-math-required entrance to machine learning using RunwayML, Google Colab and other readily available tools.